About Me

About Me

I came across AcuEnergetics® through word of mouth when a friend of mine was treated successfully with AcuEnergetics® for a long term chronic and debilitating hip pain.

He’d booked a session as a last resort having tried everything else and left the session pain free.

After having some sessions myself for an emotional issue, a shoulder injury and back pain I was sold!

So impressed by AcuEnergetics®, I travelled to study with the founder of the modality Kevin Farrow in Australia.

I soon realised that meditation is a big part of becoming experienced in AcuEnergetics® it is essential to keep the heart open and the mind still in order to give sessions. A big bonus, it makes me feel good too!

I spent a year and 3 months totally immersing myself in my studies and meditation,and was lucky enough to intern with Kevin and other senior practitioners as well as practice in the clinic there.

I bring to my work over 20 years experience as an Holistic Practitioner. I have also developed a sensitivity and understanding of people during 15 years involved in assisting group therapy workshops and meditation in a personal growth community.

Through my work as a postpartum doula (non medical maternity nurse), I have a special interest in working with women and children. I can help you with a wide range of physical and emotional conditions and I specialise in preconception wellness.

I love walking in nature, yoga, hanging out with babies, meditation, dancing, having a good laugh and being with people from all walks of life.