About AcuEnergetics®

About AcuEnergetics®

The principles of AcuEnergetics® are timeless wisdoms that have come down to us from ancient Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian and Judaic sources. Their application as a treatment modality has been developed by Kevin Farrow based on over 40 years of study and experiential research into the human energetic system. The result is a modern treatment modality backed by thousands of years of wisdom.

AcuEnergetics® is a treatment modality based on a detailed understanding of how the human energetic system works with the body,mind and emotions. It does not provide specific remedies for particular problems, but instead offers a framework for understanding how attitudes and physical symptoms occur, thus allowing individual treatment. Every person is different and has different attitudes that manifest differently in the body.


It works on the basis that pain and illness are congested electricity and that if we can get the electricity moving again, then the body can heal.

Practitioners use a technique called resonance and create a low resistance field of electricity which generates movement in the electrical channels of the body. Once the electricity starts to move and flow, pain and symptoms diminish and the body can heal itself.

Restore the flow of energy (or electricity in the body) = Restore function

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