I started sessions with Premal  last year mainly to deal with strange sleep disturbances which had been going on for twenty years. I had been to see many doctors and alternative therapists without any improvement so I was very suprised when there was a massive improvement after only a few sessions with Premal.

Premal is a very intuitive therapist and her work is also grounded and precise, I really felt I was in safe hands”

Laila, Hove 


I had been trying to conceive for over 3 years when I started having sessions with Premal. She assessed me and suggested the pre pregnancy package of 6 sessions. I started these and found great benefits; my hip pain improved, my sleep improved and I started to release fears and sadness and I noticed my heart softening and opening more. I enjoyed the sessions so much that I booked another 6. Premal always created a warm and sensitive space for me to let my energy flow and open. My partner and I conceived our baby one week after my 12th session with Premal and I am now 4 months pregnant. I’ve had very little nausea and tiredness and I feel as fresh as a daisy, and I’m 42 years old. I truly believe that the sessions with Premal were instrumental in this amazing outcome and I highly recommend her”  

L.E – Brighton

Premal was masterful at supporting me through my five day labour and also after my son was born.
From helping to induce as I was overdue,to helping keep me calm and collected during contractions,to saving me from having to take antibiotics for potential mastitas once my milk came in.
I felt very reassured, energised and strong after giving birth which I was certainly not expecting for my first”

 Katie N – Woking

Towards the end of pregnancy, I experienced severe pain around my pelvis, making walking very difficult. I also was overdue by a week and was seeking a natural way to go into labour. Both times I sought Acu treatment from Premal, who was a gentle and compassionate practitioner. Her work through the Acu made the pain feel much less and not only left me feeling physically better but also mentally more relaxed and balanced. Acu is an amazing system that is a non invasive way to re align or work with the body in times when healing is required. I highly recommend both Premal and the system as I have turned to Acu in other occasions when my body needed some help and it’s been an invaluable alternative to harmful medicines and invasive medical procedures”

Mani T – Sydney

In my life I have had a long series of sprained ankles. While on a month-long trip to England, I took a misstep and sprained my ankle. I was so bummed out because I had about 2 weeks left in England and there were so many things that I still wanted to see. I saw Premal the next day and she did her first treatment on me. My ankle immediately felt better! I had less pain, more flexibility, and it felt more stable. I went back for another treatment the day after and felt more of the same benefits. I attribute my speedy recovery to Premal and her treatments! Thanks Premal!”

John M Denver US

While Premal was our maternity nurse, she gave some wonderful treatments to my newborn son. Along with being incredible at helping me adjust to life as a mom, she helped my son adjust to life outside the womb through acu-treatments. She helped him with various digestive issues, post-jab side effects, and disturbed sleep amongst many other challenges. Premal’s innate healing presence and anatomical knowledge of the body is simply incredible. I struggled (and continue to struggle) with making decisions regarding the use of western medicine in general, and am so so grateful for an alternative and non-evasive healing treatment like acu for my baby”

Sara M London