A modern treatment modality backed by thousands of years of wisdom! The principles of AcuEnergetics® are timeless wisdoms that have come down to us from ancient Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian and Judaic sources.

Hello I’m Premal and I’m passionate about working with women before, during and after pregnancy offering support in those all important childbearing years.

I believe that having a course of AcuEnergetics® treatments prior to CONCEPTION is invaluable to not only your own health during pregnancy but that of your baby.

PREGNANCY and BIRTH can transformed by the nourishment and support available to you through AcuEnergetics.

POSTPARTUM AcuEnergetics for mums and babies allows faster and easier recovery time and increased energy levels just when you need it most!

AcuEnergetics can treat a huge range of SYMPTOMS and is suitable for MEN, WOMEN, BABIES and CHILDREN.

Want to know if I can help you with a PHYSICAL or EMOTIONAL problem? Contact me and find out!